We have all been through it. Hours spent trying to teleport. Sometimes days. Arriving only to lag and
failed delivery


PocketShop™ will change everything in how you shop an event

bringing every avatar to a level playing field of fun, convenience, and equal timing.


This game changing system is a custom built HUD created by the experienced founders of PocketGacha™. On the 5th of every month a new HUD will be delivered to all group members of PocketEvents™ (or can be obtained through approved kiosks). Anyone can join and there is no cost. Upon delivery simply open the HUD anywhere: home, dancing at a club, or sitting with friends in a social area or even hosting a PocketShop party at your sim. There are no limitations (but of course a non-laggy location is best).


Once you have the HUD attached and on your screen it will be filled with the same familiar keys that show every creator and their offerings as you see in other events. You can shop directly from the HUD in the exact same way you play at those events. Well, only faster and without miserable lag! Further, if you are at your land or home while playing you can Rez objects in-between pulls and sample things as they come. Take your time, take all day, enjoy the lag free experience, shop with your friends  while lounging at your favorite spot in Second Life®.


There are two safe and easy ways to play. The first and easiest option is to allow the HUD to interact with your ability to pay. You will get a permissions request from Linden Lab® when you first play but it’s 100% safe with a trusted product like PocketShop™. Simply accept the first time and you will not need it again during the session of the current event’s HUD. For those who prefer not to accept the simple dialogue warning we also provide an easy system of token purchases through kiosks located at the PocketEvents™ SIM and also at participating creator stores. Simply buy tokens like you would anything in Second Life® and your HUD will automatically update and show your amount on the screen. You can then choose to play with tokens freely and replenish when needed. Tokens are automatically shown for BOTH PocketGacha and PocketShop and can be used at either event.


Also, unique to PocketShop is that each creator may also sell their release at their mainstore. When looking at a brand release on the HUD you can buy direct or click the teleport button to go directly to their store to buy it traditionally and browse other items from the creator.


Ease and options. And that’s it. The calling card for PocketEvents™ will always be to bring amazing creator designs and products to everyone. At the same time. And with no wait or lag.

Your Second Life shopping experience reinvented.