Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions you have may be answered below

Let me get this straight…all I need to shop a new release is to attach a HUD? In any location I wish?

Yes, it really is that easy! Home, at a non-laggy club, with friends in a social setting, there are no limitations at all. Just try to be at a comfortable non-laggy location and make sure you join the group to have the HUD automatically sent on the 5th of each month.

How are items delivered since I am shopping through a HUD?

Exactly the same way. Only faster and with less failed deliveries. This is no different from shopping directly at a traditional event in terms of the delivery process. And the great thing is you can demo as you shop in privacy and peace!

Why is there an option for either direct play or tokens?

While the direct play is completely safe with PocketShop™ there is a Second Life® permissions dialouge box that will ask you to accept the HUD to access your account for play. You need to only accept once with every new session of the current event's HUD and it is completely safe. However, for those who might be less reluctant to accept the permissions, we offer a unique system of easy to purchase tokens (available at kiosks at the PocketEvents™ Flagship location and at creator’s main stores) that are credited straight to your HUD. Most will find direct pay to be the best - but tokens are also entirely easy and convert to a 1:1 ratio, never expire and are useable at either PocketGacha™ or PocketShop™.

I think I might prefer tokens for now. Do they ever expire?

Tokens never expire! They are good for the entire life of PocketEvents™ from month to month. They will remain in your account and can be used in any round you wish with no expiration. However, they are not refundable.

Exactly when can I expect my HUD?

On the 5th of every month at 7AM SLT the HUD will be delivered automatically to PocketShop™ group members. If not a group member, you may obtain a HUD at our PocketShop™ Flagship location or at any participating creators stores. As well, the latest HUD is always available on Marketplace.

I’m a group member but my HUD never arrived?

First of all just check your group messages if you were not online at the time as it is most likely there and waiting. As well you can click on the group and go to “notices” to find the latest message with the HUD attached. Still can't find it? Just search PocketShop™ in Marketplace and it can be obtained free there as well.

Does PocketShop™ support demos?

Indeed! On the HUD you will see an option for a free demo when provided by creators. Just click and accept. The great thing is you don’t need to wait to try! Just do it on the spot wherever you are and buy at your leisure. For larger or more complex releases a demo will be available at the PocketEvents™ Flagship location.

I don't like buying from the HUD. I wish I could buy the old fashioned way.

You can! just follow the teleport link on the HUD above each release to go directly to that creator's mainstore where it will be offered for sale there as well in the traditional way. For those who prefer this PocketShop is also a teleport HUD for shopping. But we are sure you will eventually learn to love the ease of HUD shopping directly without any need to teleport!

Does the HUD update during the month's round with new items from designers who are late?

No. Any designer that misses a round deadline is not allowed to enter late. We want to encourage a timely designer entry and reward those designers who meet schedule. We will simply encourage them to wait for the next month's event round to participate.

Who do I contact for questions or issues?

For product delivery or item support you should contact the specific designer directly with any questions. If you do not get a response within 24 hours please let us know at PocketEvents™ and we will attempt to assist you as best we can. For questions on the HUD, Tokens, or any other area related to PocketShop™ directly you may contact either Brooke Barmy, Nodnol Jameson or Johannafrost. Finally, please note that there is a redelivery button on your HUD as well.

I wear a specific body/head type, does the HUD support shopping forhat designation?

Yes indeed! If the creator offers them, they will be available to buy as unique gacha keys. Simply choose the one that matches your body or head brand.

Help! My HUD doesn't work!

If your HUD is frozen or does not work please teleport to a different region and try there as it may be that scripts are disabled at your current location. You can also retrieve a new HUD from the PocketEvents™ group notice or via Marketplace.

Does PocketShop support redelivery?

It sure does! You will see a link on the HUD for that specific item to get a redelivery. If from a past round you will need to teleport to the creator's store and use their dedicated PocketShop™ redelivery terminal.

Can I gift with PocketShop?

Yes, much like other vendor terminals at events you will see the clear option to gift. Just follow the instructions on the dialogue box that comes up and gift away!

I keep buying but nothing is delivering?

Most likely you are in Busy or Do Not Disturb mode in Second Life in which case items will fail to deliver. Go out of these modes and relog and usually they will arrive in your inventory at that point. If not check your history and/or click the redelivery to have them resent.