HUD Tutorial

Get your HUD

Join the PocketEvents group and it will be automatically sent at 7AM SLT on the 5th of the month. Or, you can grab one at any kiosk at the main PocketEvents™ SIM or approved kiosk locations. You can even grab one for free on Marketplace.

Add Your HUD

Add the PocketShop™ HUD to your screen and start shopping! If needed, you can access online instructions any time by clicking help on the bottom bar of the HUD. As well, you can obtain support in-world within the group or watch a tutorial available at the PocketEvents flagship location.

Choose your Style

This is a flexible option that allows you to either play with Linden direct, requiring a quick one time approval of permissions, or to purchase tokens at the PocketEvents™ kiosk at the main Flagship location. The value of the optional tokens are equal to Linden and never expire, choose whatever style you prefer and know that they are useable at either PocketShop or PocketGacha.


Shop your favorite designer's new release from anywhere on the grid with your PocketShop™ HUD and have your items delivered directly and instantly wherever you are.